We're glad you've come for a visit! As you walk in, you'll notice the home-like atmosphere and the early 1900's architecture. This historical home has functioned as a birth center since 1981, and our staff has delivered over 3,500 healthy babies.

Family Birth Services is owned and operated by Helen Jolly Nelson, CPM, a pioneer in midwifery in the North Texas area. Helen began attending births in 1976 in order to serve families who desired a home birth. You can learn more about our midwives by clicking on About the Midwives.

We believe that pregnancy, labor and birth are normal functions of a healthy woman. Our philosophy allows low-risk women to birth with dignity and without unnecessary interventions.

Your interest in midwifery shows that you realize and appreciate that a woman has options during pregnancy, labor, birth and after delivery.

Family Birth Services offers many choices to expectant mothers. You may choose from a Certified Professional Midwife, or you may take part in the advancement of midwifery by allowing a student midwife to give you partial or complete care under supervision.

To learn more about our services call us at 972-263-0299 to schedule a free visit.