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Apprenticeship Program

As part of our commitment to midwifery, we actively train carefully chosen apprentices to be competent assistants and midwives.

During your pregnancy, you will have the opportunity to meet and become comfortable with each apprentice. From your first appointment to the final checkup after your baby is born, they will cheerfully help you as much as they can. Interns are also sometimes available for labor support for women planning a hospital birth.

If you desire, they can do anything from observing, to practicing something they are perfecting, to providing total professional care as an intern under the supervision of senior midwives. You get to choose!

If you are interested in choosing an intern for all your care, we will happily reduce your fee by a specific amount. You can be assured that she will be well supervised during the prenatal period. A senior midwife will supervise as she attends you during labor, delivery, and the immediate postpartum period.

Apprenticing is how every midwife learns!

Choosing an intern means . . .

Being satisfied and pleased that while you were properly cared for, your pregnancy and birth experience have actively assisted in training another midwife.

Driving Directions

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Map to Family Birth Services

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Family Birth Services
814 Dalworth Street
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

History of the Birth Center

By Helen Jolly Nelson, founder

Family Birth Services actually had its start in Dallas in 1979 when a doctor decided this area needed a birth center and he had some office space to fill. We reached an agreement, and I was hired to operate the center. In the space of almost two years, we delivered about 150 babies and were convinced that a birth center was a viable option for some families. Due to philosophical differences between the physician and me, the birth center was closed in 1981. I moved my office to Grand Prairie to be close to home and returned to doing home births.

Shortly after I opened the Grand Prairie office, while driving home one day, I saw a "For Sale" sign in front of a large old home. I called the Realtor, took a tour, signed the papers and, after a lot of cleaning, painting, decorating, etc. our current birth center opened. The actual building is a historical home built in 1903. It was the home of the Dechman family who founded Grand Prairie. In over twenty-five years at this location, we've birthed several thousand babies
(counting home births, too, as we still do lots of those) and trained about eighty midwives who served as apprentices or interns here.

We are the oldest freestanding birth center in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have thrived because we provide the combination of safety and emotional satisfaction that birthing families seek. We have strong feelings that the birth belongs to the mother, and as long as everything is normal medically, she may labor however she wishes. We do however has some guidelines from the Health Department as we are a licensed facility. Over the years some members of our staff have served on the birth center rules committee and we feel that these rules are fair and help to ensure the safety of mother and baby.

Our Philosophy

We believe that pregnancy, labor, and delivery are normal functions of a healthy woman.

We believe that-barring any medical contraindications-women should be allowed to give birth in the location of their choice and with the caregiver they have selected.

We believe that the midwife's duty is to carefully monitor the progress of pregnancy and labor to ensure that all is well and to refer a woman or baby who is experiencing health problems to a doctor or other appropriate health care provider.

We believe in providing the mother and couple with the necessary education, support, and encouragement so that she can accomplish her goals of a safe delivery and healthy baby.

Midwifery Links

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