Thank You Midwives & Interns

This pandemic has shaken up our town, country, and world. It has caused us to create ‘new normals’ and lean on loved ones for support. This has been especially true in the midwifery community. As essential workers, midwives and midwifery interns continue to brave the coronavirus pandemic to go to work to make sure their communities are cared for and supported, they have created new plans and procedures to keep their patients and staff safe and yet still provide the personal, compassionate care they believe in.

Much like other healthcare professionals, our midwives and interns are making sacrifices to continue to do the work they love. At their very core, midwives set out to empower women and give them ownership of their health, their pregnancy, and the outcomes of birth based on their choices. This promise has not changed. They are continuing to be a strong support system for women and show them that despite this pandemic, they still have a voice in their birth story.

Now more than ever, we want to say thank you! So, thank you to all of the midwives and interns in the world for being heroes to your communities. Thank you to the entire healthcare community for your sacrifice and dedication to your patients. And thank you to everyone who is doing their part in this fight against COVID-19. You are making a difference in the lives of many!