5 Reasons to Give Birth at a Birth Center

Birth centers offer many unique benefits for pregnant women and families looking for a different type of birth experience. They provide a homey, low-tech environment with emphasis placed on natural childbirth and care. That is what we practice at Family Birth Services. We focus on providing a sacred space for women and their families throughout their birthing experience and believe that compassionate care improves birth outcomes and strengthens families. If you want to learn more about birth centers, here are 5 of our favorite reasons to give birth at a birth center!

1. More Autonomy 

A big difference between hospital births and birth centers is the autonomy in your care. At birth centers, you have the ability to walk around and be as active as you like, wear what you want, and move around to different birth positions that feel the most comfortable to you. Additionally, most birth centers encourage eating light snacks and drinks during labor to keep up your energy levels as well. Lastly, throughout your pregnancy, your midwife will be sure to describe all of your options for treatments and procedures so you are informed and can make decisions based on your preferences. 

2. Comfy Atmosphere

Birth centers are modeled around home-like settings. They have birthing suites with normal size beds and comfortable chairs and lighting to make you feel like you are in a welcoming, peaceful environment. Family Birth Services offers three cozy birthing rooms to choose from, and we encourage families to bring along items that will make the experience more personalized and comfortable for them. We want our expectant mothers to know that our focus is on her health and the delivery of a healthy baby in the surroundings and conditions that she chooses.

3. Less Intervention

A big benefit to birth center births is the emphasis they place on less intervention. Most midwives who practice in birth centers believe that a woman’s body knows how to bring a baby into the world naturally and successfully. We model our practice around evidence-based birthing practices to help your body do its job, not take its place with invasive chemicals or surgery. That includes avoiding epidurals or constricting wires. Instead, midwives utilize alternative pain relief options, such as breathing exercises, massage, affirmations, and labor positions. However, it is important to note that birth centers do have IVs, oxygen, and infant resuscitators on hand for use if a transfer process is necessary.

4. Postpartum Experience

The postpartum experience is extremely important. Mothers and their babies immediately begin to form a bond at birth. Traditional birth settings can sometimes interrupt that process. At a birth center, your baby won’t be taken to another room after birth. We perform all of the preventative care in the same room you gave birth in, allowing everyone to stay together. Following the birth, our postpartum care includes checkups and individualized personal care within 48 hours of birth. We focus on continuity of care, meaning the same midwife team you had during your prenatal care and birth of your child is also who you have for your postpartum care. We have found that this continuity and familiarity provide comfort and stability to the mother and the family as a whole.

5. Personal Attention

Last but not least, you will find birth centers and midwives focus on providing intimate and personal care. Every family is unique, so their care should be too. Prenatal appointments are individualized and are typically longer in length in order to go over your goals, ideals, lifestyle, and more. Midwives listen to women, and they are dedicated to providing a more personalized and comfortable environment for women to birth in.

All of us at Family Birth Services are excited about what we do and about ensuring your ideal birth experience. Are you looking into birth centers and midwifery care? We would love to talk to you more about what makes our care so special. Give us a call today to start planning your future with us!