Sometimes it is recommended  that you take a blood pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant.  This test works by measuring a hormone in your blood secreted in pregnancy and detectable beginning a week or two after conception.  The blood pregnancy test is more sensitive than a urine test and can offer more information.  Our entire staff of midwives is trained to perform this test for you as well as answer any questions you may have about these blood tests.  These tests are by appointment only.


SNEAK PEEK – Early Gender Reveal

 If you’re interested in learning the gender of your baby, Sneak Peek can assist with that.  A sample can be taken as early as 7 weeks into your pregnancy.  Knowing if you are having a boy or girl can help you plan ahead.  Sneak Peek makes it easy with a simple blood test.  Family Birth Services features these tests for you.  Please contact us to make an appointment for your baby’s early DNA test.

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