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Midwives are guardians of natural childbirth with exceptional training and experience in prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.  Family Birth Services has some of the most respected midwives in the DFW area. All of our midwives hold a Texas license (LM) and a national certification by The North American Registry of Midwives (CPM).  This certification is the only certification requiring specific clinical experience in home birth. From years of training midwives, Family Birth Services can ensure thorough academic and extensive clinical training of each of our midwives.  Our team approach allows you the benefit of collaborating with many midwives while establishing personalized care from one primary caregiver.

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About Us

For the last 40 years, it has been our vision to provide expectant families with the highest quality of care.  Since or founding in 1979, FBS midwives have helped over 5,000 beautiful babies enter the world.  Passing on this legacy of unsurpassed dedication to multiple generations of midwives, we continue to offer the best of both traditional midwifery and with the latest evidence-based practices.  Knowing that the timeless miracle of birth is mirrored in the timeless devotion of midwifery.  We strive for the excellence of service every woman deserves.


Our Services

We are proud to offer a range of exceptional services that will encourage and aid you in a safe delivery and healthy baby.  The memories of this day will last a lifetime and we strive to make them the best memories ever!  With Family Birth Services, you will enjoy the benefits of a personalized care plan, flexible appointment times, continuity of care from a specific midwife, childbirth education courses, and so much more.

Our Approach

Birth is a normal, natural, and yet life changing event!  Our team provides support, motivation, and celebration for your incredible journey in welcoming your baby.  While aiming and supporting natural birth without unnecessary intervention, we continue to support you if intervention becomes necessary.  By working together, our team is able to provide you with full and up-to-date information so that you are empowered to make the best decisions for both you and your baby.  Blending traditional, holistic, and evidence-based practice, Family Birth Services focuses on safeguarding this sacred moment.

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Our Core Values

it’s all about the C.A.R.E. we give our clients…

Competent & Compassionate Care
We believe in having a team of midwives that isn’t just licensed but well trained while demonstrating compassion and empathy to families.

Responsible & Professional Service
We believe in having a service that clients can trust and count on; a service that has not just a positive reputation but a legacy.

Accountability in Team Concept
We believe that a midwife is better when she has other midwives around her helping her be successful in her client care.

Excellence in Evidence-Based Midwifery
We believe that we can guide our clients through their birth experience using the most current information and research available, so that the client can make the best possible decision for them and their family.

Why Have a Home Birth?

Your home provides the most personal backdrop for the unforgettable moment of
meeting your new baby.

  • Home Birth provides personalized care from a midwife you know, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Once the birth is over, there is no need to travel; You’re already home!
  • Having a baby in your own environment
    exposes you and your baby to the least
    risk of infection.  Your midwife will
    guide you into setting your space to the
    greatest advantage.
  • With a home birth, mother’s have the added safety of having the same skilled midwife attend you from your first prenatal visit to your last postpartum visit and everything in between.
Water Birth: What You Need to Know

Water Birth: What You Need to Know

Family Birth Services believes water birth to be a safe and effective means of having your baby. Labor is hard work and can get pretty intense, hence the term ‘labor’. Water births can make a huge difference in many women’s labor by helping the body to relax. When...

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Family Birth Services
2455 Robinson Road #200
Grand Prairie, Texas 75051
(972) 263-0299

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